Terms & Conditions

Management Company and PMM, Commission and service fee Payments
All payments should be paid within 7 days of invoice date, Delay or partial payment could lead to Inactivate the account after further 2 reminder notices being served.

Account Suspension or Closure
You can request to close the account, but we would require one month notice prior to the closure request. We can suspend your account in case of any terms breach or payments delay.We will send two subsequent reminder notices then we shall have right to suspend your account access, which can resume on clearing the outstanding payments.

Tariff Agreement
You will be bound to your agreed tariff; you can upgrade tariff any time of the year but If you would like to down grade the tariff then we would require one month notice prior to the request being made.

Copy Rights
All the business process and contents in the system are copy rights to amz5star Marketing. If we found system is being cloned to another system and our contents are being used, then we have right to claim 2 million Pakistan rupees as a compensation to the breaching PM, PMM and Management Company.